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The 13th International Anti-Corruption Conference to take place in Athens, Greece from 30 October to 2 November 2008.

Global Transparency: Fighting Corruption for a Sustainable Future

Human security, climate change, compromised livelihoods, natural resources governance and energy security - these are some of the critical issues that will define our common sustainable future. To tackle the unprecedented challenges they pose to our future the fight against corruption must form an integral part of the solutions.

Come together with the leading experts and practitioners on governance, corruption and transparency at the 13th edition of the world’s leading International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC), as we survey the role of corruption and governance in the crucial social, political, economic and environmental questions that will define the quality of life for people across the globe, today and tomorrow.

Please visit www.13iacc.org or write to info@13iacc.org


“When we arrived in Guatemala, we asked a fundamental question: why is corruption still blocking the way towards a fairer world? The 12th IACC has made clear that there are no simple answers.”  “But three simple truths emerged: countries cannot afford to be complacent about corruption; they must now move beyond expressions of political will to take concrete actions; the people must demand accountability.”
Honourable Justice Barry O’Keefe, Chairman of the International Anti-Corruption Conference Council.

The 12th IACC confirms its position as the premier global anti-corruption conference for actions.

The 12th IACC gathered close to 1,400 participants from more than 120 countries, exceeding the expectations of the organisers while confirming the strong interest from practitioners and leaders from around the world to counter corrupt practices for a fairer world.

The conference website is being updated on an ongoing basis, offering visitors plenary speeches and papers, workshop reports and presentations as well as key follow up documents, stemming from the work that will be carried out during the following years.  Visit the News and Conference Programme sections to download these documents.

Key outputs produced during four days of 51 plenary and workshop sessions consist in the following declarations and actions adopted by the close to 1,400 participants from more than 120 countries:

Report from the 16 November 2006 plenary assembly of the 12th IACC
Extradition of Alberto Fujimori

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