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Plenary Speeches and Papers
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Opening plenary:
“Towards a fairer world: Why is corruption still blocking the way?”

Luis Alberto Moreno, President, Inter-American Development Bank (panellist)
English, Spanish

José Miguel Insulza, Secretary General, Organisation of American States (panellist)

Juan José Daboub, Managing Director, World Bank (panellist)

Plenary 2:
State for sale: Corruption and embedded networks of influence

Devendra Raj Panday, TI Advisory Board (panellist)

John Williams, Chair, Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption GOPAC (panellist)

Soung-Jin Chung, Chairman, Korean Independent Commission Against Corruption (panellist)

Plenary 3:
Breaking the vicious cycle: Corruption and poverty, obstacles to social and economic rights

Morten Kjaerum, Executive Director, Danish Institute for Human Rights (panellist)

Oscar Arias Sánchez, President of Costa Rica (panellist)

Zhenjun Wu, Senior Commissioner of the Ministry of Supervision of China (panellist)

Plenary 4:
Closing Plenary

Zenaida Moya, Mayor of Belize City (panellist)


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