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Programme at a Glance

Day one: Wednesday 15 November
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9:00 AM Conference Opening
9:00 - 11:45
Opening plenary:
Towards a fairer world: Why is corruption still blocking the way?

14:00 - 16:30

Workshop 1.1
The implementation puzzle: How to apply anti-corruption conventions
Workshop 2.1
Human rights and anti-corruption strategies: Determinants for Development?

Workshop 3.1
Corruption Hotspots: Understanding the Effects of Corruption in Environmentally Sensitive World Regions

Workshop 4.1
Private interest politics – much to do for the anti-corruption community?

Workshop 5.1
Enhancing Anti-Bribery Standards in the Private Sector: Building Credibility of Voluntary Initiatives

Workshop 6.1
Research on Corruption in Humanitarian Assistance: Lessons from Anti-Corruption strategies

Workshop 7.1
Defence Industry Against Corruption

Workshop 8.1
Mobilising Civic Action to Fight Corruption

Special Training Session:
Fighting clientelism in targeted social programs

Panel Debate:
Overcoming systemic corruption: A National Integrity Framework for Today’s World

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