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Special Plenary Sessions
The 12th IACC hosted a limited number of special plenary sessions covering themes of high priority for the anti-corruption movement, chosen for both their impact on peoples' lives and for their strategic relevance to present and future work:

Day 2: Thursday 16 November

Special Plenary Session 1:
The World Bank Governance And Anticorruption Strategy. A Multistakeholder Dialogue On The Road Ahead.

Coordinator: Nancy Zucker Boswell (Transparency International Board of Directors; TI USA)

Date: Thursday 18:00 to 19:30

The World Bank management presented its strategy on "Strengthening Bank Group Engagement on Governance and Anticorruption" to its Development Committee at the annual meetings in Singapore this past September, to mixed reviews.  Some have suggested that the future of the anticorruption movement may depend on this initiative's success. Will the World Bank take the steps necessary to mainstream an effective strategy? Will lending ensure transparency and accountability? Will there be adequate staff and resources, as well as the incentives for consultation with civil society? The Bank's Sanjay Pradhan and Daniel Kaufmann will brief participants on this new development, with commentary provided by TI Chair Huguette Labelle and former Kenyan anticorruption chief John Githongo. The plenary will provide different perspectives and an opportunity for civil society input.

Nancy Zucker Boswell (Transparency International-USA)

Martha Dye (Transparency International-USA)Workshop Report


Daniel Kaufmann (Director, Global Programs, World Bank Institute) Presentation
Sanjay Pradhan (Director, Public Sector Group, World Bank) Presentation
Huguette Labelle (Chair, Transparency International)
John Githongo (Founder of TI Kenya and former Permanent Secretary for Governance and Ethics in the Office of the President of Kenya)

Special Plenary Session 2:

Corruption in Extractive Industries
Coordinator: David Murray (former Deputy Chairman Transparency International UK, former TI spokesman on oil and gas issues. Senior Adviser to Chairman of the EITI International Advisory Group)

This session will explore the latest situation with current initiatives to increase transparency of oil, gas and mining revenues especially in countries, which combine natural resource riches with widespread poverty. The global conference of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative will have taken place in Oslo shortly before the IACC. Participants will discuss future prospects against a context of widespread concern about poverty reduction, corporate risk, conflict and energy security.
Moderator: Peter Eigen (Chairman of the EITI International Advisory Group; Founder of Transparency International; Chairman TI Advisory Council)
Pedro Aguirre (Executive Coordinator, PEMEX-Petroleos Mexicanos)
Genaro Arriagada (Advisor to the Former President, Chile; Representative Club de Madrid)
Charles McPherson (Senior Advisor Oil, Gas and Chemicals, World Bank Group)
Ben Mellor (Head, International EITI Secretariat, Department for International Development)
Akere Muna (Vice-Chair, Transparency International)

Day 3: Friday 17 November
Special Plenary Session 3:
Security Sector Reform and making Change happen in a Defence Ministry

Coordinator: Mark Pyman (Defence Project Leader, Transparency International, UK)

Date: Friday 18:30 to 20:00

Experts will present their views on how security sector reform can be progressed so that corruption concerns are addressed. Stumbling blocks such as inertia / lack of political will and corrupt networks will be considered and ideas and approaches shared and assessed. Key objectives for this session:

To highlight the issue of corruption in security sector – its causes and negative effects. To suggest and discuss practical ways this issue can be addressed.
To make new contacts with new ideas for tackling this issue.

Moderator: Huguette Labelle (Chair, Transparency International)

Rapporteur: Dominic Scott (Transparency International UK)Workshop Report


Mark Pyman (TI UK, defence project leader)
Burak Bekdil (Defense News, Turkish Daily News, journalist) Paper
Maciej Wnuk (Polish Ministry of National Defense, Director of Ethics)Paper
John Githongo (St Antony’s College, Oxford, Associate Member)
Ana Glenda Tager (Regional Director for Latin America, Interpeace) Paper


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