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Past Declarations

The participants at previous IACC's have summarized the conclusions of the conference in a joint statement:
The IACC in Lima in 1997 culminated in the formulation of an unprecedented international anti-corruption work programme - the Lima Declaration Against Corruption.

In Durban in 1999, the determination of the conference participants to continue their work against corruption was expressed in the Durban Commitment.

In Prague in 2001, conference delegates meeting against the background of the worst single act of terrorism the world has ever known, reaffirmed their commitment to building global standards of transparency and accountability not only for governments but also for the private sector, civil society and international institutions alike. Their reaffirmation to the fight against corruption is outlined in the Prague Agenda.

In the 11th IACC, in Seoul Corea 2003, the Seoul findings, stated the participants “strong conviction that there is absolutely no substance in the myth that corruption is a matter of culture.  Rather, it offends the beliefs and traditions of us all.”


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