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Welcome to the 12th International Anticorruption Conference 
Dear Friends,

Thank you to all those who attended the 12th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC), held 15-18 November 2006, in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

With the theme "Towards a Fairer World:

Why is Corruption Still Blocking the Way?" the Conference sought to answer why, after nearly two decades of research, advocacy and reform, corruption remains such a huge problem. Attended by more than 1300 experts from around the globe, the conference featured speakers such as the Secretary General of OAS, José Miguel Insulza, the President of Guatemala, Oscar Berger, the President of Costa Rica and Nobel Prize Winner, Oscar Arias, the President of the IADB, Luis Alberto Moreno and many more.


In producing a large number of outputs, namely declarations, resolutions and reports, the 12th IACC has set the agenda for the global anti-corruption community for many years to come.

We want to thank all of you who have actively contributed to the 12th IACC Conference Programme and Activities and give a special thanks to the Guatemalan people and government for their hospitality.


What you will find on this website:

Speeches, papers and presentations:

The 12th IACC Website offers a great number of speeches, papers and presentations from the 51 plenary, special plenary and workshop sessions of the Conference.

To find these simply go to the Conference Programme section, choose among the three of these kind of sessions and under the names of each speaker or panelists, you will find the option to download the documents.

Conference declarations and reports

Once more, the 12th IACC proved to be a working conference for action. During the 3 and half days of work, 5 declarations and resolutions where adopted, from the Conference Final Declaration, to the report on the extradition of Alberto Fujimori, former President of Peru. All in all, these documents mark the agenda for the anticorruption movement for the following years.

To access these documents, simply click on the “Declarations and Resolutions section”.

Press releases, reports and feedback

To access the press releases issued before and during the 12th IACC, please go to the News section, there you will also find documents produced by key participants, after the conference product of their views and experiences during the conference.

Conference background paper

The 12th IACC Conference organisers comissioned a series of case studies which in turn where used for the Conference Background Paper, which provided the framework for the debates carried out during the plenary sessions, as well as the special plenary and workshop sessions. The conference background paper served as well as a reference document for the writing of the Conference Declarations. You can acess the document under the section with the same name on the main navigation bar.

Conference Newsletter

During the Conference, 4 newsletters where produced. These include highlights from plenaries and workshops and interviews with key speakers, like José Miguel Insulza, Secretary General of OAS, or Ngozy Okonjo Iweala, former Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs of Nigeria. Simply click on the section called Newsletter to download these.

Who organises the IACC? What is the IACC History? To answer these questions, and know more about this leading international conference, visit the sections called “Organisers and Sponsors” and “IACC History”.

We will be adding documents and offering new features on a constant basis, come back to find new updaptes. If a paper of interest is unavailable, please write us to iacc@transparency.org

The 12th IACC Organising Team


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